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It has an Experience in Medical Treatment since 1795

المجريون خبراء في العلاج الطبيعي منذ عام 1795

Hungary is rich in Magical Waters & known as "The Land of Healing Waters"

Water is the source of mental, spiritual and physical well-being, and waters that are beneficial for our body.

Thermal Water erupts from underground, and has a temperature of 20 °C or above. Given Hungary's extraordinary geological features, the bar of thermal waters here is set to 30°C and above.  Mineral Water comes from groundwater layers, containing at least 1 gram of dissolved minerals per liter.  Medicinal Water is mineral water with scientifically proven medicinal effects. In Hungary, the majority of medicinal waters are thermal  waters.

Thermal Lake Heviz

Harkany Thermal Bath

Szechenyi Thermal Bath

 Thermal Water Is Useful In Different Treatments:

> Joint and Spinal 

> Neck and Pelvic Bone

> Vertebral Disc

> Osteoporosis

> Rheumatoid Arthritis

> Gout

- Slimming, weight loss and increased body immunity

Thermal Water can be the remedy for various ailments. Relaxing in the hot water relieves stress and anxiety, thus accelerating your body's own healing mechanism. Underground waters contain chemical elements that surface water doesn't, which alter the mineral contents of your body.


The salts of the water stimulate your skin, inducing the release of vasodilator mediators. Your metabolism accelerates, and your system eliminates excreta more efficiently. Thermal waters also come with a pain and muscle cramp relieving effect.


Mineral Water is free from any chemical or microbiological contamination and additives. And as mineral waters are calorie-free, they're even good for your keeping your weight in check.

Due to their chemical and biological components, medicinal waters are proven to remedy locomotor disorders and gynecological diseases, infertility, chronic skin problems, certain cases of vasoconstriction, and are beneficial in the rehabilitation process of sporting injuries. Whether you bathe in medicinal water or drink it, you'll feel better inside and out.